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Raile Mizutane
-Raile was an orphan, and spent the earlier half of his childhood flitting from family to family, cleverly traumatising his way out of the Christian ones in favour of families with decent CD collections. After he finally found a satisfactory home in the Newfarm area of Brisbane with a man known only as Mad Old Uncle Vannuccio, he settled in, and attended Brisbane State High School (bah!) where he met his friends and comrades, Pietta, Greg and Claire.
At the age of 18, Raile recieved a letter informing him that he had inherited a grand old house in the suburb of Hawthorne. He immediately bade Mad Old Uncle Vannuccio goodbye, and began a share-house with Pietta and Greg.
Raile is a forthright guy, jaded, but trying not to hurt anyone unless the occasion demands. He's surprisingly little like the author, except, of course, in terms of success with women. Dear oh dear.

-Riboflavin is the ultimate crime-fighter, born long ago from a child's drawing. His powers are incredible, and his name is enough to strike fear into the hearts of evil-doers, which is why evil-doers today are not getting their required daily dosage of vitamins, and feel sluggish and tired. If you see an evil-doer, please reach out your hand to them -- they may need help dressing themselves.

Faun Downward-Spiral
-Faun was born in Calcutta, but raised by her father in Adelaide, after her mother's mysterious disappearance.
When Faun was 13 years old, news came that her mother had become a warrior nun at a hidden temple deep in the dark heart of India. Our girl promptly set off on foot for her homeland (hitching a ride on a pirate vessel to bypass the small matters of Customs desks and the Indian Ocean) to confront her mother.
Wishing to make amends for her absence, Jayachitra Jyotsinalatha Downward taught her daughter all eight permutations of the nameless and ancient martial art taught at the temple. Faun returned home a changed girl, itching to use her newfound abilities to save the universe from Charlton Heston and his terrible performance in The Planet Of The Apes. And soforth (it really was a terrible performance).
Faun is a determined crusader, not above kidnapping prominent political figures to make a point. This is, in fact, how she met Riboflavin and Raile.

Pietta Marchetta
-Pietta's a year younger than Raile, and attended the same school as he. Although quick-witted, she was a bit of a romantic, and 'a bit of a chubba' too, so the typical brainless vampires you'll find in most high schools eagerly sank their metaphorical teeth into her.
Until, that is, a certain chain-smoking tower of angry justice came to her aid. Pietta decided that she liked this Raile character. After school was over and done with, Raile invited Pietta and Greg to stay at his house, and so they did. Greg left later on, but it was a content time (well, as content a time as three bitterly loveless romantics could have, anyway).
And then a mirror ate her.

Raile, assuming that Pietta had maybe run off to Melbourne with Claire, or some other mad female thing, didn't worry too much about her disappearance, and invited a certain ultimate crime-fighter to stay in Pietta's old room...

-Like Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash and Marilyn Manson, Folate is a pale imitation of a popular and talented hero. He likes to use 'radical' language so the kids will think it's cool to obey the law, homey.

The Ennui Cafe Staff
-The staff of the Ennui Cafe are Nate, Raile, Greg, Laura, Perry and a few other chefs and waiters who don't matter a damn.
Raile's just this guy, you know?
Greg is an angry young man, almost apoplectic at the ghastly idiocy of men and the brazen manipulativeness of women. Part of him would like everyone to be nicer, another part just wants everyone dead. Greg met and befriended Raile back when they attended Brisbane State High together (Remember, you can't spell the initials of Brisbane State High School without 'BS'!)
Perry? She's just this girl, you know? She tends to be easily stressed and angered, but Raile can sometimes charm her out of her rage...
Laura is nothing but trouble. Even when she's not being a jerk, she inadvertantly creates misery anyway.
Nate, who owns the cafe and does much of the cooking, is a poseur, forever laying on a sense of nihilistic despair as thickly as possible in order to impress the womenfolk. In the kitchen, however, he is a cheerful and trusting fellow, all too willing to let Raile have a week or two off on the condition that he gives Nate half of whatever treasure he finds on his holiday journeys. Thus far the treasure has amounted to zero dollars and fifty cents.


The Kaisho's Criminal Empire
-The headquarters of the Kaisho's criminal empire are in Skull Mountain, north of Brisbane.
The Kaisho is an insane criminal genius, who appears to have gathered up a hugely powerful criminal empire with dumb luck alone, since he certainly doesn't seem very well-organised.
Geraldinho is the Kaisho's lackey, and possibly the only soldier in the place who can tolerate his master's insistence that everything he does be 'evil', in name if nothing else (eg, "A martini of EVIL, Geraldinho!").
Doctor Lee is the head scientist of the Kaisho's genetics lab where Clone, Riboflavin's evil twin, was created. He doesn't seem to mind the Kaisho's irritating appearance or screeching voice, probably because his head is in the clouds whenever he's away from his beloved experiments.
Clone is Riboflavin's evil twin, and thus he possesses his own, slightly inferior version of Megapower -- Badpower. Technically he should be a deadly threat, however he is just as dim as Riboflavin, so there's little to worry about.
Silel is probably the only competent criminal in the Kaisho's empire, and is often exasperated by the Kaisho's harebrained schemes, such as, say, stealing Christmas, or attempting to win the lottery. Why he doesn't just leave, no-one knows... But then, why would he? He has a very lucrative position in a very powerful and carefree empire, so if Riboflavin occasionally destroys their secret base in Skull Mountain and the Kaisho's entire private army has to sleep in Silel's spare-room and backyard, well, that's a small price to pay, isn't it?

-The Golem, a device from Jewish myth (like Jesus. Yes, that was cheap), has been planted in the strip by the author, in order to jog the plot along if nothing is happening.

Sharon Mitchell
-Sharon Ruby Mitchell is a young police officer who pretty quickly went from working behind a desk at Police HQ to pistol-whipping homey wannabes in the Queen St Mall. She's a friend of Riboflavin. She's also very skilled with handguns, knives and flamethrowers...

-Claire isn't too bad. She likes terrible music, she bitches about people behind their back and she's still slightly warped from her time in a Catholic school, but she could be worse. She's Pietta's friend. She also flirts with Raile... but that ain't nothin'.

-You crazy girl. Crazy, wealthy, orgiastic girl.
Corinne, in addition to spending money, drinking, and wearing costumes, also dabbles in magic, and that was how she freed Pietta from the Mirror Dimensions.