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Other people's fan-art for Riboflavin:

I got this from Mark, who does Ghostz.

And this was from Selina, who does The Demon Pooka.

These two pics are by that charming fanart mainstay Rudi Gunther!

It has come to my attention that Riboflavin has won Matt's Monkey On A Nut award! Right on.

I can't believe Turnip is going to ComiCon! I definitely don't have that kinda money.

This is stuff I've done, either for other strips, for friends, or just for something to do...

This is Haley, from Eight's Road Waffles.

This is Pooka and Azrael from Selina's The Demon Pooka.

This is Frank and Allison from damonk's Framed!.

This is an anthro fox knight I did for a friend of an acquaintance.

This is Bimbo and Jordan from Exploitation Now

This is Little Bo Peep from Kids In The Street

There's also my Ghostz/Soul Coughing, erm, installation here.